Our Work Overseas

Caring for our global Jewish community by providing humanitarian relief worldwide

Famine, world wars, communist repression, political strife, genocide – Jewish communities around the world have confronted the unthinkable over the past century. The Federation addresses the needs of vulnerable Jewish individuals and communities through strategic partnerships with effective and seasoned direct service organizations. Our funding is directed to a very experienced and trusted organization with whom the Federation has partnered for decades with – the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).

The Federation’s support of JDC covers a broad range of needs: saving the world's poorest Jews, revitalizing Jewish life, empowering Israel's future, development of tomorrow's Jewish leaders and rescuing victims of global emergencies.  

In 2016, the Federation's Global Committee traveled to Odessa to see first-hand how our community's support is changing lives around the world. Watch our latest video, The Federation is Global, which depicts how caring for our global Jewish family means ensuring that Jews all over the world are safe, secure, and able to take part in Jewish life and community. 

Humanitarian Relief Around the World

JDC has been the lifeline for vulnerable Jews, providing the assistance they need to survive and the Jewish connection and strength that can only come from community. JDC works to rescue Jews in danger, provides relief to those in distress, revitalizes overseas Jewish communities, and helps Israel overcome the social challenges of its most vulnerable citizens. The organization serves Jews in need who may otherwise not be able to receive essential services, including children and elderly in the FSU, at-risk youth in Israel, and new immigrants.

Assistance for Impoverished Elderly Jews in the FSU

From Siberia to Ukraine to Kazakhstan, today the vast cultural and geographic expanse of the former Soviet Union (FSU) is home to some of the world’s poorest and most isolated Jews. The Federation supports JDC's efforts to provide the basic food, medical care, heating, and homecare needs of approximately 192,349 of the world's poorest elderly and disabled Jews throughout the FSU. This means basic sustenance and life-saving assistance through the provision of critical humanitarian services, including hunger relief, health care, homecare, and winter relief.


For more information, please contact:
Rachel Barton
Director of Engagement, Israel and Global