The Federation awards grants directly to outstanding organizations supporting the Jewish community locally, in Israel, and globally in a variety of ways from funds raised through our Annual Campaign and through our restricted and unrestricted endowment. The Federation also stewards and administers donor-advised grants through personal philanthropic vehicles under our management, including over 900 Donor Advised Funds and 24 Supporting Foundations, which support Jewish and broader causes to local, national, and international organizations.

Inspiring Jewish Life and Learning

Helping Jews explore, learn about, and connect with the rich diversity of Jewish life locally.

For the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the Federation will provide a projected $10,900,000 in direct grants in the area of Inspiring Jewish Life and Learning.

Our grantee partners include:

Sources of funding include:

Annual Operating Funds
Community Scholarship Grants
Impact Grants Initiatives
Restricted Endowment Funds

Personal Philanthropy

Federation Philanthropy Partners works with donors to create effective giving strategies to ensure that resources are maximized towards change for a better world, within and beyond the Jewish community.

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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, in 2018 the Federation facilitated 9,329 grants from donor-advised funds and supporting foundations, totaling $142,151,270. Putting these assets into community reflects the Jewish values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedakah (taking care of the needy), kehillah (community), and tzedek (pursuing justice). These four values underpin and guide our philanthropic work, which supports a wide range of Jewish and broader causes, across local, national and international organizations.

For a summary of our collective impact, view the infographic.

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1,161 grants totaling $7,123,497


1,622 grants totaling $40,374,373


712 grants totaling $13,817,741


848 grants totaling $4,454,946

Human Services

1,335 grants totaling $15,423,474

Public/Society Benefit

2,457 grants totaling $50,121,058


1,194 grants totaling $10,836,182
Grantee name Total Grants Total Amountsort descending
Naval War College Foundation, Inc. 3 $1,007,500
Jewish Federation of Cleveland 6 $1,020,000
Gender Spectrum Charitable Fund 3 $1,070,000
American Associates Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Inc. (AABGU) 14 $1,086,500
Oshman Family Jewish Community Center 70 $1,612,120
Campaign Legal Center 2 $1,750,000
Earthjustice 15 $2,033,000
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU - All Affiliates) 64 $2,084,490
Trust For Public Land 16 $2,093,600
Oceana, Inc. 2 $2,250,000
Democracy Forward Foundation 2 $2,500,000
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 2 $2,700,000
Center for Responsible Lending 2 $3,000,000
Washington Center for Equitable Growth 3 $3,000,000
Pro Publica, Inc. 8 $3,051,150
Jewish Home And Senior Living Foundation 52 $3,323,800
Human Rights Watch Inc. 12 $3,770,430
Center for American Progress 2 $4,000,000
Learning Policy Institute 3 $4,000,000
Leadership Conference Education Fund, Inc. 4 $4,700,000
Stanford University 57 $5,003,840
Congregation Kol Emeth 74 $5,842,900
Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund (San Francisco Bay Area) 341 $6,051,440
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF Foundation/Regents) 117 $13,508,400