Jewish Teen Foundation FAQs

Which ages/grades can apply to the Jewish Teen Foundation? 

Teens entering 9th-12th grades are welcome to apply. We especially encourage 9th-10th graders so they have maximum opportunity to participate in subsequent program years. Once accepted into the programs, teens are encouraged to continue for multiple years whether in the same track, alternate track or as a Leadership Council member. 

What is the time commitment to be a participant?

Approximate monthly time commitments for the Philanthropy and Civic Tracks are available under the “Programs” tab and for the Leadership Council under the “Leadership” tab.

Meetings are held on Sundays from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. 
Attendance is mandatory at all JTF programs, barring unforeseen illness or emergency.

Note: Pre-existing schedule conflicts may result in inability to participate in JTF programs. 
JTF makes every effort to avoid scheduling meetings on Jewish holidays, school finals, vacations, and other large community events that interest teens and Jewish families. 

When are applications open? 

The 2019-2020 Jewish Teen Foundation online application opens on Monday, April 1, 2019.

When are interviews?

Interviews are scheduled on a rolling basis beginning in May 2019.

When are applicants notified of acceptance to the Jewish Teen Foundation?

Teens accepted to the 2019-2020 Jewish Teen Foundation will be notified in the first two weeks of June 2019.  

How long can a teen participate in the Jewish Teen Foundation?

There are no restrictions to the number of years a teen may participate in the Jewish Teen Foundation. 

What is the financial commitment for participation in the Jewish Teen Foundation?

A $1,000 program fee is required of all teens accepted into the Jewish Teen Foundation. Financial assistance is available to families on a case by case basis. Contact Loal Isaacs for more information regarding financial assistance.

How Jewish is the Jewish Teen Foundation?

Everything we do is Jewish and here is how:

  1. We begin by fortifying our knowledge of Jewish history, ritual, values and text.
  2. We move beyond knowledge to implementation, identifying and practicing the utilization of our faith in all our words, actions, decision-making and relationships.
  3. We consistently seek to evolve as Jews, elevating expectations of ourselves and our capacity for good. This is driven by our compassion for others and ourselves, through humble and sincere words and behaviors. 

What is the educational framework of the Jewish Teen Foundation?

Awareness of: 

  • The complexity of issues in their community
  • The history and root causes of issues
  • The diversity of past and current solutions attempted by the community
  • The demographics of populations affected by issue
  • The scope of philanthropic contributions of community members and foundations
  • The past, present, and potential of one’s personal relationship to Judaism

Access to:

  • Individuals effected by the issue
  • Individuals and organizations financially investing in solutions
  • Individuals and organizations working to address the issue in and out of the Jewish community
  • Innovative decision-makers and thought-leaders 

Opportunity for:

  • Dramatically increased knowledge about community issues
  • Igniting a lifelong passion for philanthropic and civic engagement
  • Identification and activation of personal abilities/talents 
  • Future professional or volunteer participation in the nonprofit/philanthropic worlds
  • Making a real impact in their community and the lives of others
  • The practical implementation of Jewish values in all aspects of their work
  • The identification and enhancement of natural and learned leadership abilities

How long has JTF been around?

Since 2004, JTF has pioneered the successful model of engaging a full spectrum of Jewish teens in philanthropic social action drawing on centuries of Jewish wisdom and practice. Over the past 14 years, our 750+ teen board members have collectively raised over $2.3 million dollars and funded over 300 grants to local, Israeli, and global nonprofits they are passionate about. Causes our teens have supported include at-risk youth, people experiencing homelessness, protecting the environment, education and health care to global Jewish vulnerable communities.