“Hello, I’m Jane.” “Hi, I’m Brian.”

Young Jewish man and woman

Jane is a single Jewish woman (SJW) in her late 20s who grew up in Los Altos, went away to college and moved back to the area for grad school. When she returned, she began looking for a “Jewish community” and attended a local synagogue. She didn’t find it particularly satisfying and has been looking for an informal minyan of other Jews her age with whom to observe Shabbat and holidays. Brian is a 23-year-old graduate student at Stanford. He was very involved in Israeli politics as an undergrad back East, but has little time to get involved in Israel activities here. He’s not interested in religion or study and isn’t sure what “getting involved” would look like. He occasionally goes to Chabad and is looking for more social events to attend because he finds it hard to meet people.

What do they have in common? Jane and Brian are just two of the 15,000+ Jewish young adults in the South Peninsula that a coalition of agency and synagogue leaders and young adults are seeking to engage in Jewish life.

What do you have in common with them? Led by JCF’s South Peninsula Regional Council, this planning group wants to know: Who are the Jews of the next generation? What are their interests? Passions? Concerns? Hopes? Expectations? What do they want out of their Jewish lives in the South Peninsula? The group launched an online survey to answer these sorts of questions (the survey remains open through the end of November), and will utilize this information as part of an ongoing planning effort targeted at ensuring our community is offering opportunities compelling to young adults.

If you are 21-40 and work or live in the South Peninsula, please take a few minutes to tell us about yourself and your interests at http://bit.ly/SouthPen

If you know any young Jewish adults, please encourage them to respond. Thank you!

For questions contact. Wendy Verba, Regional Council Planner. 415.512.6424 wendyv@sfjcf.org.

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November 20, 2009