The 2012 Diller Teen Fellows check in from Israel

Diller Teen Fellows cohorts from six North American partner communities have just returned  from their much anticipated three week long, Israel Summer Seminar (ISS). Here, six North American cohorts, each filled with twenty 10th and 11th graders of different backgrounds, explored Israel, participated in a four day Diller International Teen Leadership Congress, and experienced a week of home hospitality by their host families in their Israeli partnership cities. The Diller ISS is part of the continuing effort to empower participants to be active, effective leaders with a strong Jewish identity and a responsibility to their communities, Israel, and the Jewish people. The cohorts have blogged throughout their time in Israel--so check this post to see highlights of their trip!

Baltimore Dillers at the Kotel in Jerusalem



Day 2! Miriam Pomerantz and Robert Monfred, July 19, 2012

Baltimore Diller Teens floating in the Dead Sea


Let's back Friday! Alex Green, July 22,2012 An update about our time in Jerusalem from one of the amazing JCs - Danielle Gelber! Danielle Gelber, July 24, 2012 Beit Canada is Always a Highlight! Morgan Plant and Sam Sugarman, August 5,2012

Los Angeles

Day One: Spread of the Sass Rachael Cohen, July 22, 2012 The Sass Strikes Back Chelsea Rapoport, July 30, 2012 Shalom to the Sass Chelsea Rapoport, August 5, 2012

MetroWest New Jersey

Shabbat morning, the Old City, and Havdalah at the Kotel

San Francisco Diller Teen Fellows start their time in Israel


Marisa Parnes, July 21, 2012 Carrying on our history...As leaders. Rachel Scheckman , July 22, 2012 Learning from each other Nick Sarano, August 1, 2012 The "Aha" Moments Rachel Gordon, August 3, 2012

San Francisco

Day 2: The North of Israel Nadine Herman and Kamala Sloss, July 19,2012 Shifting Gears: From Congress to Community Week Matt Blumenthal, August 1, 2012 Community Week: Army Day Alex Jekowsky, August 6, 2012


Diller blog 7/26/2012 Tova Perlman and Sophie Abo, July 26, 2012 Our Shabbat at Congress Noa Weil, Sarah Gamble, Simon Neft, and Bailey Spivak, July 29, 2012

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