Alumni goals in the DTF mission statement

Ariel in 2008 using the Diller values

Ariel in 2008 using the Diller values

The core values that the Diller Teen Fellowship has been founded on are an enticing and respectable collection of ethics. Excellence, pluralism, responsibility, partnership and peoplehood are values that Jewish philanthropists, such as Helen Diller, strive to spread throughout humanity. There’s no question that Helen Diller has created a successful program that highlights each core value within the programs curriculum. Within the context of the curriculum each Diller Teen participant is taught how to utilize these values to strengthen their leadership skills.

Core Values ערכי ליבה







רב גוניות/פלורליזם




Not only does the DTF program focus on these core values that are listed in English and Hebrew above, but there are seven goals that the participants strive to achieve. Among these seven goals three of them are centered on what the participants will gain after they graduate from the program. This alumni component of the Diller Teen Fellowship is heavily written about in the mission statement. However, thirteen years after the launch of the Diller Teen Fellowship, this component has been solely up to the graduates to achieve.  As alumni you may be interested in what the foundation has invested in you to accomplish after you’ve completed the retreats, workshops and Israel Summer Seminar. The goals devoted to alumni are as follows:

  1. Graduates of the DTF Program will be empowered, with self awareness of their potential.
  2. Graduates of the DTF Program will generate a positive ripple effect in their local communities (families, counterparts, etc.)
  3. Graduates of the DTF Program and their families will have an increased sense of belonging and commitment to their Partnership community and a heightened connection to Israel and the Jewish People.

The goals for the alumni (stated above) that are outlined in the mission statement are respectable and certainly achievable. With such positive responses from the program it’s hard not to imagine that each alumni who graduates from DTF will individually be empowered to accomplish all of these goals on their own. Being connected and communicating what you have achieved as alumni is a component that I would like to generate, starting now! Please let this blog be an outlet for you to comment and share with the community what your ripple effect has been. Keep inspiring yourselves and others to be great leaders.

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August 10, 2010


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