Announcing the Recipient of the 2016 Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award

The Federation is thrilled to announce the recipient of the Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award for 2016: Marilyn Yolles Waldman. Each year, the Federation honors a female role model in the community with this prestigious award, which recognizes outstanding Jewish volunteer leaders who go above-and-beyond in dedicating their time, energy and resources. These women are mentors, modeling and motivating others to express their Jewish values by supporting the overall well-being of their Jewish community. Marilyn will be formally presented with the award on September 22, at the Federation’s Day of Philanthropy.

“You can't say no to Marilyn. She has an enormous capacity to bring others along when she has a cause or a project. There are many young people who are involved in Jewish life because of Marilyn, all following in her footsteps.” – Susan Mall, friend and Chapman Award selection committee member

Marilyn Yolles Waldman

Marilyn Yolles Waldman

Marilyn has been an active volunteer and leader in the Bay Area Jewish community for many years. She joined the Federation’s women’s division on the Peninsula in 1966, and the board of directors in 1973. In 1976, she joined the board of Mt Zion Hospital and Medical Center, eventually becoming its chair.

In 1987, Marilyn joined the board of the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, chairing two prominent literary conferences – Writing the Jewish Future and the International Jewish Writers Conference – in San Francisco. Literary themes have played prominently in her life. For several years, she was a freelance writer, and has founded literary programs and publications.

Marilyn has also been passionate about the Contemporary Jewish Museum as a cultural portal to Jewish life and continuity. As a CJM founder and board member since 2000, she leads its Legacy Society and has promoted the annual Family Gala.

Marilyn’s professional life has included serving as the associate director of Northern California AIPAC and working at JVS for 7.5 years, where she created the Emigre Jobs Project during the period of active Russian immigration to the U.S.

Marilyn and her husband, retired lawyer Murry Waldman, are enormously proud of their combined family of 26 – Marilyn's children: Peter Yolles, Jon Yolles and Cindy Yolles Snow, their spouses Jill Einstein, Stacey Silver and Stephen Snow; and Murry's children: Jan Waldman and Jeff Brown, Charene Zalis and Peter Waldman, Amy Waldman (z”l) and Felix Vilalplana. They cherish their 13 grandchildren.

Learn more about Judith Chapman, and join us to honor Marilyn at Day of Philanthropy on September 22, 2016.


May 18, 2016


Nora Smith