The Bay Area Jewish Healing Center provides spiritual care to those in need

Addrienne Beard at the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center

During a Federation staff tour, Adrienne Beard – a member of our Human Resources team – listened as the Executive Director of the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center reflected on the process of saying goodbye to a loved one. What the Executive Director didn’t know was that Adrienne was in the midst of her own process of letting go: her mother was dying. Overwhelmed by sadness that she wasn’t at her mother’s bedside, Adrienne left the room. The Center’s Rabbi followed. What came next was a conversation Adrienne will never forget. Fighting back sobs, Adrienne opened up to the rabbi about her dilemma: she wanted her mother’s suffering to end, but she knew that meant letting her go forever. “He had the kindest eyes,” Adrienne said, reflecting on that moment. “He told me he’d pray for peace for me and my family.” Adrienne knows how others benefit from Federation-supported agencies like the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, but she never expected to be a recipient herself. “Grief extends beyond culture or race, and I will never forget his kindness and compassion.” Adrienne’s story is one example of the many ways that the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center provides spiritual care, counseling, and education to the bereaved, to those living with illness, and to those caring for the ill. Recently, the Federation funded a unique two-day retreat for individuals and families in mourning. The Grief and Growing Camp weekend drew more than 35 participants, and was a testament to the power of Jewish community. In our times of greatest need, the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center is there to lift us up, and to help us go on.

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April 15, 2010


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