Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education

Located in the Neve Ofer area of Tel Aviv, College for All,  a Federation funded program, supports high achieving disadvantaged children and teens. The program was born out of the realization that motivated and talented children from economically distressed neighborhoods, who do not receive appropriate support and encouragement, often fail to complete their education.

Since 1999, College for All has been catering to immigrants, 60% coming from the Former Soviet Union and the other 40% are third generation of impoverished Arabs who initially immigrated in the 1950’s.

"Those Israeli kids who once didn’t have a future, have for the first time begun to dream.”

– Jennifer Gorovitz, Federation CEO, on consultation visit to Israel

What this school does is amplify a child’s potential by accompanying them from 2nd to 10th grade. During these  years, the children are tutored in subjects such as mathematics, English and language skills, while taking part in many outdoor and indoor extra-curricular activities that broaden their horizons, develop their academic capabilities and deepen their sense of social responsibility. Most importantly, the children are taught to value their education as the only way to break the cycle of poverty and strive to be the best that they can be. Today, this program has touched 1600 lives, with 22 centers throughout Israel that serve over 1,500 children, regardless of religion and ethnicity. Participants are at the top of their class nationwide and graduates serve in significant positions in the IDF and in esteemed academic institutions.

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September 13, 2012


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