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Welcome to Challah Back, the blog of the Young Adults Division (YAD) of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation. With more than 3,000 members, YAD seeks to connect young Jewish professionals of all backgrounds and lifestyles in social, educational and philanthropic activities, in support of the Federation. I hope you will join us at one of our many events this year, from a Blue Monday happy hour to the Latke Ball, Club Fed, Super Sunday and more. I decided to get involved in YAD because the Federation does very compelling work, providing social services for Jews in the Bay Area as well as around the world. Nowhere else can I make such a huge impact. Originally from Hillsborough, Calif., I was raised with a very strong Jewish identity and commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world). I became involved with YAD because I want to help build a strong Jewish community for young adults. Now, you might be thinking, “Wait a sec, we already have a community.” Yes, that’s true. However, a community requires nurturing, which is crucial for Jewish continuity. And this is extremely important to me. The YAD board is developing programming around the three main goals for YAD:

  • Creating a culture of philanthropy
  • Building Jewish community
  • Developing leadership

Our philanthropic goal is to increase our overall number of donors at all levels. Stand up and be counted. We want to broaden our community with young adults who are committed to being Jewish. And, we want to educate the community about the work we do and why it is important, while honing our leadership skills. We are working to expand our dialog with you, to make sure that our programming is meeting the needs of the community. This is why we are starting to blog, why we have a Facebook group and why we have recently updated our email template. We also plan to utilize multimedia like never before seen in YAD. The goal with these communications is to share not only what we are doing as an organization but also the why of the what – the impact that your time and money is having on the world as a whole. We’re excited about these changes and hope you are as well. So leave us comments here or send us emails and let us know what we can do to make YAD even better. Sincerely, Jordan Sills YAD President More…

You can also reach us by phone at 415.512.6232 or email

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December 02, 2008


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