Chilean Earthquake Relief Fund

Update November 2010: We have recently stopped collecting donations for the Chilean Earthquake Relief Fund. If you would still like to make a donation to another cause through the Federation, please click here.

Dear Friends,

In response to the magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile this weekend, which has killed more than 700 people and damaged 500,000 homes, The Jewish Community Federation has created an emergency fund to provide humanitarian aid to those in need of immediate assistance. We are accepting donations online, by phone at or by mail:

The Jewish Federation – Chilean Earthquake Relief Fund

121 Steuart Street San Francisco, California 90105


Federation is partnering with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian assistance organization, to collect funds for relief efforts. 100% of contributions will go directly to the JDC to support non-sectarian needs on the ground. JDC’s Latin America team is on the ground conducting a full and rapid assessment of the situation by working closely with Chile’s Jewish community to determine critical next steps based on immediate needs of the hardest-hit areas. Chile’s diverse Jewish community has an estimated population of 12,000-16,000. The community supports a JCC, two Jewish day schools, and synagogues. Purim festivities were canceled as a result of the disaster, but no loss of Jewish life or injuries has been reported. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Chile. I know that the Jewish community in the Bay Area will respond to their needs just as you did to help those in Haiti. In times of crisis, I am heartened that the Jewish community rallies together to centralize its support in order to have the most effective and impactful response. I hope you’ll join us by making a donation.


Jennifer Gorovitz, Acting CEO, The Jewish Community Federation

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March 01, 2010


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