Community and cocktails with Ivri Lider

Certain stereotypes surround an internship; it is assumed that you won’t make the big bucks or be given the most desirable tasks. But the flipside, so the stereotype goes, is the occasional hook-up: tickets to a show, an invitation to a party, and other similar perks.

So I wasn’t surprised when LGBT Alliance Director Lisa Finkelstein casually mentioned that she was helping plan an exclusive party for Israeli rock star Ivri Lider, who was set to headline Israel in the Gardens on June 7. Oh, and the party would have complimentary valet parking, hors d’oeuvres, and hosted bar. Would I be interested in attending? Well, maybe just a little

The party – at Ken Fulk’s design studio on the night before Israel in the Gardens – was a truly memorable event. Credit must be given to Bevan Dufty, Ken Fulk, and Matthew Goudeau – these three gentlemen know how to throw a fabulous party! From the elegant cheese platters to the bright blue signature cocktail to the white-jacketed valet attendants, every detail was accounted for and delightfully decadent. As a 21 year-old college student from the suburbs, the party was a unique thrill; I felt like Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City,” living the fabulous urban high-life. It was a treat to see Ivri Lider perform in such an intimate setting. As he sat playing the piano, his talent and passion for music were immediately evident. Lider – who is openly gay – also delighted the entire crowd with a clever cover of Katy Perry’s hit “I Kissed a Girl” that contained more than one knowing glance at the audience.

The party was notable for more than its glitz and glamour. As I mingled and schmoozed with the crowd, I was continuously reminded of the diversity of our Jewish community. Gay and straight, young and old, American and Israeli – they were all there. When I started my internship at the LGBT Alliance, I was excited at the prospect of meeting other Jews who identified within the LGBT community. Instead, I have met the most interesting, broad spectrum of Jews – and discovered that the diversity of the Jewish community extends far beyond the boundaries of sexual orientation. This realization has been one of the highlights of my internship so far. Well, that and the free cocktails.


Jacob Goldstein, LGBT Alliance summer intern

Jacob Goldstein is the LGBT Alliance 2009 Summer Intern. The LGBT Alliance is currently organizing “Jews March for Pride,” a unified Jewish contingent for the San Francisco Pride Parade on June 28. Together we will send the message that the diverse Jewish community overwhelmingly supports marriage equality. Dozens of synagogues and Jewish organizations throughout the Bay Area have already signed up to march with us. Register and learn more at

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June 10, 2009


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