Creative Eats for Passover

Passover is one of the holiest festivals in the Jewish calendar. During the seder and throughout the eight-day holiday we rejoice in the miracle of our freedom. However, one area where we do not have complete freedom is in what we eat during Passover. Traditionally, those observing Passover will abstain from eating leavened foods (called chametz) during the holiday as commanded in the Torah. Instead, we eat Matzah. This cracker-like bread substitute represents the bread that did not have time to rise when the Jewish people fled Egypt.

While we may not eat our usual oatmeal or granola for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, pasta for dinner, or cookies for dessert, we need not think of Passover food as restrictive or boring. We are not destined to consuming Matzah three meals a day! In fact, Passover is the perfect time to experiment with trying new foods and recipes.

We hope you are inspired by this list of recipes to eat at any time of day. Many of these recipes are simple enough to make together with kids. If you’re not in a cooking mood, we get it, Dayenu (enough)! You can share these recipes with your family and friends. They may want to cook for you when we can be physically together again.

Passover Recipes for Every Meal

Breakfast: Kveller’s Scrambled Egg Potato Muffins are a yummy and wholesome chametz-free breakfast option for Passover. These little muffins are packed with vegetables and can easily be re-heated. You can make a big batch to last you all eight days of Passover!

Lunch: PJ Library has compiled a list of nine crowd-pleasing lunch ideas that go way beyond "leftovers" or "matzah-sandwiches." These recipes are simple enough for children to help you with at least some lunch preparation.

Dinner: This list of twenty recipes from Delish surpasses traditional Passover brisket recipes, providing tons of out-of-the-box ideas. You may be inclined to try one or two for your seder, or anytime throughout the holiday.

Snacks: Members of the PJ Our Way Design team have created fun videos with recipes and tips for snacks that kids can make during Passover. The coffee cake and yogurt with mix-ins look super yummy.

Dessert: These nineteen sensational desserts from Martha Stewart are creative twists on traditional favorites such as macaroons and cakes and so good you might forget that you’re not eating chametz!

Recipes without matzah: These flavorful Food Network recipes will come in handy when you’ve consumed enough matzah and want to enjoy some ‘matzah-free’ meals!

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Happy Passover everyone!

Individual Sweet Potato Kugels via What Jew Wanna Eat (linked in PJ Library lunch ideas)


April 07, 2020