The critical role of Budapest's 'Balinthaz'

Much of JCF’s work abroad is conducted through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Network (JDC). On January 18, JCF was honored to have Paris-based Diego Orinque of the JDC come speak to multiple committees and Federation bodies including the Board of Governors. Diego is the current Area Director for Hungary, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia for the JDC and works in the field of community development, training young community leaders, and running programs in partnership with local communities.

Anti-Semitism in Hungary is extremely prevalent and with their current far right political party, the Hungarian government is creating a narrative that allows and some say even encourages Anti-Semitism. However, JDC is helping to advance the revival of Jewish life in Hungary. One of their great initiatives is the creation and funding of the Balinthaz Jewish Community Center; with over 3,450 participants each month and 39 weekly programs, the Center addresses both immediate and long-term needs of Jews in Budapest. 

Diego’s visit to Federation and his personal account of the program described the realities of what life is like as a Jew in Hungary and highlighted the  importance of our work in the local community there and our commitment to supporting thriving Jewish communities worldwide.

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January 29, 2012