Ensuring a Free, Fair, and Safe Election Season

As election day approaches, our newsfeeds are filling up with stories from around our area and around the country. This is causing many of us to feel anxious about what potential scenarios might occur, both on election day and in the days following as the results become clear. While much is unknown, we know that we can do our part to stay informed and to help ensure a free, fair, and safe election season.

There are no known threats, but we’re preparing for likely scenarios.

According to our local and national security and law enforcement partners, we are not aware of any specific, credible threats directed at any Jewish organizations at this time. At the Federation, we are preparing for what security experts assess are the most likely scenarios: potential violence and intimidation at polling stations, political gatherings, and protests surrounding the election’s resolution.

We are here to help you prepare and inform you of incidents.

Safeguarding our Jewish community has been a longstanding Federation priority. We are coordinating with our partners in the community at ADL, JCRC, and San Francisco Interfaith Council, and staying in touch with Secure Community Network, FBI, DHS, and local law enforcement contacts. A few of our Jewish organizations and synagogues are serving as polling stations, and we are working with those organizations to ensure that safety and security protocols are in place.

On election day and beyond, we will help clarify misinformation on social media, inform you if there are significant incidents, and communicate any credible threats or areas to avoid. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

You can help.

We know that we are stronger when we work together. We hope that the resources below will benefit our Jewish organizations and community members as we all work together to ensure a safe, fair election.


Webinar Recording: Preparing for Election Season, Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)

Safety and Security Considerations for Jewish Communal Institutions During Election Season, Secure Community Network (SCN)


Stay Informed

Report an Incident or Get Help Voting

  • Verify a potential incident that you hear about or see online by emailing us at security@sfjcf.org. We’ll investigate and determine if it’s real or misinformation.
  • Call 1.866.OUR VOTE to get help with voting or to report voter intimidation.

Get Your Info to Those Who Can Act on it Quickly

Ensure a Free and Fair Election

Free & Fair: Our Duty to Democracy, Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah

Invest in Organizations Strengthening Our Democracy

Giving Insights: Strengthening Our Democracy, Federation Philanthropy Partners


Implications for the Jewish Community (REGISTER)
November 6, 8:00 – 9:00 am PT

An extraordinary consensus exists among Republicans and Democrats, historians, and diplomats, national security officials, and other experts that the stakes of the U.S. election are as high as they have ever been. And this is particularly the case given the central place the United States today holds in the global system.

At this moment we can only speculate about the outcome, but by November 6 we will want to take a deep dive into what the outcome means for the Jewish communities and the US-Israel relationship. Join CNN Analyst Bakari Sellers, JTA Washington Bureau Chief Ron Kampeas, other guest speakers, and a team of Jewish communal experts offering insights into how the election will impact our public policy agenda.

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October 26, 2020


Rafael Brinner