Everyone deserves a fair chance to participate

When Miles was born with a rare neuromuscular condition, doctors said his horizons would be limited. That never stopped his family. They've overcome many obstacles making sure Miles enjoys the same activities growing up as his twin brother Jeffrey. They faced an unexpected hurdle in getting Miles integrated into the Jewish community. “Judaism has always said we take care of our people,” his mom says. “Everyone deserves a fair chance to participate.” The North Peninsula Special Needs Initiative is a pioneering forum helping create awareness in the Jewish community, educating teachers, and assisting existing programs to become more inclusive for kids with learning differences, physical or emotional challenges. Today, Miles attends synagogue services, goes to Hebrew school and swims at the JCC just like all the other kids. With community support through this Initiative, there's nothing kids like Miles can't achieve. A participating rabbi said, “This is not about denomination, membership numbers, or dollars. It’s about including everyone in congregational life.”

For more information on the Special Needs Initiative, please visit: http://www.jewishfed.org/see-how-we-help-view/199/special-needs


April 29, 2011


The Federation