Groundbreaking Arab employment initiative launched in Israel

The Federation’s Israel & Global committee and our on-the-ground team in Israel have long been engaged at the inception of groundbreaking programs designed to support a shared society in Israel. So it’s no wonder that the Federation has partnered with the Israeli business community and civil society organizations on a new initiative – Collective Impact – that seeks to expand employment opportunities for Arab Israelis. The initiative was created by Yifat Ovadia and is led by a diverse consortium of organizations and government bodies, with the Federation among the first funders.

Similar to the earlier Federation-supported Olim B’Yachad program for Ethiopian Israelis, also created by Yifat Ovadia, Collective Impact will work to integrate Arabs into Israel’s business, academic, and public sectors. And, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has made it his priority to join us in this endeavor.

“Integrating the Arab population into the work force is an existential, social and economic challenge for the state of Israel,” said President Rivlin at the launch of the initiative at his residence, declaring his commitment to building a partnership between Jews and Arabs in Israel. “The Arabs in Israel have long ago stopped being a ‘minority’ here. They are part and parcel of this country…but, without equal distribution of resources, opportunities, and infrastructure, there will be no trust between Arabs and Jews.”  

Collective Impact not only serves the Arab Israeli population but, by increasing the number of Arab Israelis in the workforce, also serves to provide a significant growth engine for the Israeli economy.

President Rivlin speaking at a conference on Collective Impact, February 10, 2015

To learn more about the Federation’s work in Israel, visit Our Work in Israel and Overseas webpage. 

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March 13, 2015


Barak Loozon