Israel Center's community resource guide on the Gaza conflict

Although the dust in and around Gaza has begun to settle, Israel's unilateral cessation of military action by no means is the end of the conflict and problems in the region. Just as it did before the recent escalation in violence, the Federation will continue to support programs in southern Israel that focus on important immediate and long-term needs of those communities. These programs provide therapy for children who for the last eight years have had to deal with the ongoing threat of Hamas rockets. These programs provide joint educational and work opportunities between Jewish and Arab-Bedouin Israelis. These programs provide Ethiopian-Israelis who live close to the border a safe place to send their children during the day. Locally, in the Bay Area, the Federation will continue to rely its beneficiary agencies and programs such as the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Israel Center to provide education and resources to our community looking to learn more, get involved, and make a difference. The Israel Center recently created a new web page full of information on local community rallies, opportunities to help Israel, resources, videos, and more. We encourage to you check it out:

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January 21, 2009


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