Israel@60 Mission: Daniel Sokatch in the Holy Land

Incoming Jewish Community Federation CEO Daniel Sokatch joined the Israel@60 mission in Israel this week, and if we could write his postcard home, it would probably read: “Having wonderful time and meeting wonderful Federation.” Though he doesn’t officially take over the post for another two months, he leaped at the chance to spend a week with so many dedicated federation donors and staff. His itinerary included meetings with Israeli business and political leaders, touring Federation-funded social service projects, and even a little down time hanging out on the bus. “The most exciting aspect has been the opportunity to meet so many of our people in such a wonderful setting, “ he said, “and to see the work Federation is doing in Israel, which was one of the things most appealing about coming to this job. I can’t imagine a menu of programming that is more in line with what I think Bay Area Jews would want to support than what this Federation is doing in Israel.” Sokatch also spent time conferring with San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, who accompanied the mission for five days. Incoming federation CEO Daniel Sokatch and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom meet for the first time at the mission's Shabbat dinner. Photo by Dan Pine “My conversations with the mayor and his team allowed me to place our community in the context of the broader community,” Sokatch added. “It’s my firm belief that no Jewish community acts in a vacuum. We are part of the city; not separate.” Even with all the meetings and tête-à-têtes, Sokatch still found time to enjoy Israel. Once upon a time, he lived and studied here, and even led guided tours of the Old City. But there’s always something new to learn, and this time, Sokatch was thrilled to explore the excavation of the Ir David, the original Canaanite city of Jerusalem outside the Old City walls. Just one more marvel in a universe of marvels in Israel. There’s no doubt Sokatch will keep Israel, and the Federation’s deep connection to the country, a high priority once he takes office in July. “There is so much to fight for here, so much beauty and potential,” he says. “If we give people the tools they need, they will go out and fight for that dream. I see us building tools for that tool kit.” -- Blog b'Omer (Dan Pine) Israel's minister of welfare Isaac Herzog with incoming federation CEO Daniel Sokatch in Tel Aviv. Photo by Dan Pine

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May 08, 2008


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