Israeli teens join the Camp Tawonga fun

Camp Tawonga's dedication to working toward peace continues through its Noar l'Noar (Youth to Youth) program. As part of the Peacemakers programs, Israeli teens of different backgrounds join Tawonga campers for a summer session. Through living together, eating together, and laughing and singing together, participants experienced a deeper connection to one another and their diverse experiences, sharing the stories of their experiences and creating an open dialogue about their lives, rather than interacting through the stories seen on the news.

Israel Day at Camp Tawonga

Israel Day at Camp Tawonga

This program welcomed teens to challenge themselves and one another to learn, question, share, and grow. Participants came to this program dedicated to creating a peaceful coexistence at camp and in the world and leave the program both inspired and hopeful. Through this and our many other connections to Israel, we hope to continue the work of the Peacemakers program with the younger generation.

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August 12, 2010


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