Is it possible to ignore and disregard meshugana based hate? In the Bay Area, let's try, this week?

The nothing more than meshugana activist group, the Westboro Baptist Church, will be holding small protests at several Jewish community organizations starting in San Francisco on Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 venturing down to Palo Alto on Friday morning, Jan 29 and returning back to San Francisco on Friday afternoon, Jan 29. They then will leave the Bay Area for Texas. The LGBT Alliance recommends that as leaders we shelter our families, our children and friends from this meshugas and work actively to prevent them from returning to our community. We will be working to prevent them from returning in the following way: By simply ignoring them. According to an email to the community from Judith Edelson, JCCSF Interim Executive Director, "Their {Westboro Baptist Church} only goal is to generate publicity for themselves. However, you might observe some extremely offensive comments or signs if you approach either site while they are present. It was therefore important to us that we make you aware of this so that you could make an informed choice about your activities that day." We could not agree more with the leaders in the community on this one: ignore them. What do you think?

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January 25, 2010


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