Kevah Gets a Little Help from Friends

A nonprofit's experience with the Federation's Pro Bono Consulting Practice

Kevah recently completed an upgrade of its employment guidelines with assistance from Danielle Pener and her firm, Pacific Employment Law LLP, through the Federation's Pro Bono Consulting Practice, a fast-growing network of professionals and nonprofits dedicated to strengthening our community infrastructure.

Danielle Pener

"As Kevah's team grew, we knew we needed to upgrade our employee support policies," said Rahel Smith, Kevah's Director of Finance and Administration. "We approached the Federation with a request for assistance, and were very lucky to work with Danielle as our pro-bono consultant," she added.

"Kevah needed the exact, targeted expert advice on employment law issues that I provide, so we were matched," said Danielle Pener. "I was immediately excited about Kevah's work and mission, and happy to help," she said.

The collaboration resulted in updated employment guidelines to support Kevah's growing team, including a new, top-notch employee handbook.

This piece was originally published in Kevah's March e-newsletter.

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April 13, 2015


Sonia Daccarett