Last chance to apply for the Jewish Community Teen Foundations

Imagine that you have $100,000 to use to help repair the world.  What do you spend it on?  Do you buy bed nets to help prevent malaria in Africa?  Do you use it to help feed and educate under privileged children in your community?  Or do you fund an interfaith program in Israel?  These are all real choices the members of the Jewish Community Teen Foundations have faced.  Together, they have donated over $650,000 to dozens of organizations during the past few years. If this sounds like an interesting project that you would like to get involved with, please consider applying to join one of the Teen Foundations, or providing financial assistant to sustain the Teen Foundations in years to come. For more information on the Teen Foundations, please visit Lastly, over the summer, Kohn Intern Alexandra Greenfield produced two Teen Foundation videos.  The following is the second in the installment: [vimeo]

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October 16, 2008


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