Learning about Sukkot with G-dcast

Sukkot: Back to Basics

How to Build a Sukkah - Moishe House Rocks Co-produced by G-dcast and Moishe House

The High Holidays are a time when we recommit to the shared Jewish values that connect us all. In order to successfully fulfill our mission of ensuring the Jewish future for our children and grandchildren, we need your ongoing involvement in the communal conversation. That’s why we’ll continue providing and sharing more community-wide opportunities for you to engage in Jewish life, and our Federation, throughout the year. With the season here, we’re working around the clock to make sure you have the opportunity to participate within your Jewish community. Whether it be finding events on our community calendar or explaining the meaning of the holidays to your kids, we’re here to help you get involved.

Innovative storytelling

By making charming cartoons of our classic Jewish texts, G-dcast, an IGI recipient, is animating today’s telling of the Torah in an effort to encourage conversations about Jewish life. Since 2008, their crew of editors, animators, educators, and 55 diverse guest writers and narrators from across the globe have been working feverishly to restore credibility to the phrase "The People of the Book." To date, G-dcast has created 62 short films - all available for free on their website - based on Jewish texts that have been viewed nearly a million times on the web, social media networks and mobile devices. Their companion curricula are in use by over 3000 educators at institutions across the Jewish spectrum and around the world.

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October 11, 2011


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