Meet Arlene Krieger

Women's Philanthropy Spotlight

This post is part of a series highlighting women who are doing great work in our local Jewish community.

Arlene Krieger:

I have always been involved in the Jewish community and I love being able to help others in need. My motivation runs deep. There is nothing else I would rather do with my time, and I feel fortunate that I have the time and ability to do so.

Arlene Krieger

As a teenager, I volunteered at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco. Then later, as a young adult, I reached out through my synagogue in Glencoe, Illinois, to elders in the community – specifically elderly parents who lived with their children. I took them grocery shopping, to their doctor appointments, and helped with whatever services they might need. This gave their children some assistance so that the family did not need to be available 24/7.

When my last child went to college, he asked me what I was going to do with my life. I answered that I would volunteer at the Jewish Home of San Francisco. My father-in-law was a past president and my mother was active in the Auxiliary. And so, over 30 years ago I began volunteering at the Jewish Home. I joined their Auxiliary and I visited twice a week with the residents. I eventually became president of the Auxiliary. I would carry the key to the Auxiliary office on my keychain and my family said “the Jewish Home is my home away from home.” I became board president 15 years ago. It was an exciting time, during which we found the site for the Moldaw Residence in Palo Alto. I am still very involved in many ways, including the sponsorship of an annual birthday luncheon for residents, complete with gifts and entertainment.

About 20 years ago, my other love became Hebrew Free Loan. Hebrew Free Loan offers so much to the community and I enjoyed sitting on the board, both as a committee member and as past president. It is a wonderful feeling to know that, through the generosity of our Jewish community, one can help so many people. There is a wide range of loans available – to help students with their tuition for college or graduate school, for first-time home buyers, and for debt-consolidation, job loss, start-up businesses, adoptions, etc.

It is truly an honor to be affiliated with these organizations that give so much to the community. I am inspired by other Jewish women with whom I have served on boards, and I am honored that the Federation wants to spotlight me as an extraordinary woman in our community.

Arlene Krieger is past president of Hebrew Free Loan, currently serves as chair of the Jewish Home's Senior Living Foundation, and is past chair of the Jewish Home’s Board of Trustees. She is also an active committee member at Congregation Sherith Israel. She and her husband, Steve, are fortunate to have four adult children and eight grandchildren!


March 04, 2016


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