Meet Deb Stadtner

Women’s Philanthropy Spotlight

This post is part of a series highlighting women who are doing great work in our local Jewish community.

Deb Stadtner

Women’s Philanthropy: What motivates you to be involved in the Jewish community?

Deb Stadtner: I love being Jewish. My involvement in the Jewish community is motivated by my love and passion for building community, in any way that I am called upon to do so. I volunteer heavily in the community for the sake of my family, my friends and the next generation.

WP: What do you gain personally from giving back?

DS: I believe that giving back does not mean it saves the entire world. So, I give back knowing that I may have an impact on one small corner of the world. This applies to my volunteer work and to my personal relationships. Sometimes it’s the very small things that matter; for example, taking food to a homeless shelter or simply smiling at someone you don’t know. Knowing that I may have affected something positively brings me more fulfillment and joy than anything else I could do in my life. It is where I find the most happiness.

WP: Would you care to share about a challenge you have overcome that has inspired you?

DS: I am someone who is always learning. I learn from everyone because I always think there is something to reach for. One of my biggest challenges is speaking to an audience. I am not someone who likes a lot of attention, so I have been challenged to be comfortable with that when speaking. When I hear someone who I think speaks really well, I ask them a lot of questions about how they handle their nerves or how they speak in a way that is inspiring. Sometimes in those conversations, I find out that, even when someone is great at speaking, they too are challenged by many of the same issues. I like to think that I am a work in progress!


February 12, 2015


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