Meet the Inkabi Family of San Ramon

PJ Library® Family of the Month

Katie and Kofi Inkabi are Bay Area natives. Katie grew up in San Jose and Kofi in Richmond. They now live in San Ramon with their daughter Millie (2.5). Katie is Jewish and Kofi is Catholic, and they have been delighted by ongoing opportunities for their family to be involved in Jewish life in their area and around the East Bay. Katie is particularly excited by the inclusive and diverse programming that welcomes both interfaith and interracial families.

Katie, Millie, and Kofi Inkabi

The Inkabis love to attend Torah Tots at Beth Chaim in Danville. In this fun-filled preschool program, families can enjoy learning about Jewish traditions and holidays through songs, stories, dance, crafts, and food. Through Torah Tots, the Inkabis learned about Tree of Life Learning Center, a Jewish preschool that honors families of all faith traditions. Millie is now a student there and shares with her parents how much she loves Shabbat and her kippah.

The family was recently introduced to their local PJ Library Parent Connector, Lara Groch, who is a great resource and hosts programs in their neighborhood to build a close Jewish community for families with young children.

When Millie was born, the Inkabis were not quite sure where they would fit in as an interracial and interfaith family. Through the Federation and PJ library Bay Area, they have been thrilled to find that not only do they fit in, but are also welcomed with open arms to the Bay Area’s Jewish community.

Millie has been receiving PJ Library books since she was a toddler, and is now old enough to get very excited each time she receives a new one in the mail. The family especially loves the book Fridays are Special because their interracial family is represented in print. Millie is excited to put money in her PJ Library Tzedakah box every Shabbat and hear the coin ‘clank.'

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December 30, 2019