Meet Kate Taffel

Women's Philanthropy Spotlight

This post is part of a series highlighting women who are doing great work in our local Jewish community.

Kate Taffel:

Kate Taffel

Anyone can find a cause or a passion they can follow in our caring community, and for me, the Jewish lens is an added joy. I feel motivated to be a part of this community because it connects me to my roots, culture, religion and traditions. I love following in the footsteps of my family and carrying on their long tradition of Jewish community. I enjoy sharing my connection to Israel with the people around me, and meeting wonderful friends and mentors.

I feel lucky to be able to support and give to others. I think it's easy to say, when donating anything, that you get back so much more than you give. But I actually feel you get out of any experience exactly what you put into it. I get back a sense of belonging, personal growth, love, and knowing that I have a direct, positive effect on someone's life. There have been studies done which show that giving to others is literally good for your health, so I am also gaining a longer life!

When I was 17 years old, I was granted a scholarship to go on a yearlong program in Israel. It was between high school and college and, in many ways, that year informed and shaped the course of my life. I was so deeply affected that upon returning I wanted to create similar opportunities for others and pay it forward. I immersed myself in various Jewish philanthropic organizations to give back and honor the scholarship in any way I could. I continue to be inspired today, not only by those who we are helping, but also those who pave the way for others to get involved.


August 18, 2015


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