Meet the Meir-Levi Family of Palo Alto

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Samara Meir-Levi, a single parent by choice, and her daughter Avira (Avi), 19 months, live in Palo Alto and love the Jewish community in the South Peninsula. Having grown up in the area, Samara is delighted that she gets to introduce Avi to her community through PJ Library books and events at local Jewish organizations.

Samira and Avi

They are active members at Congregation Kol Emeth in Palo Alto, and Samara values how Shabbat is a sacred time where she can separate from her work week and technology to celebrate Shabbat traditions with their community. She and Avi both enjoy Kol Emeth's monthly Friday night service, Jammies and Jeans, which is geared towards families with young children. Avi even requests her favorite songs, "Bim Bam" and "Shabbat Shalom, Hey," by name!

Avi and Samara love attending PJ Library Bay Area and Jewish Baby Network events. Samara appreciates how both organizations make Shabbat and holidays accessible to young children by providing rich and developmentally appropriate programming and resources for families to have conversations about the ‘what, why, and how’ of each holiday.

Avi has been receiving PJ Library books since she was 6 months old. As she is now 19 months, her PJ Library book collection is in heavy rotation! One of Avi's first words was Shabbat, which Samara credits to the PJ Library book Shabbat Light. Avi also loves 3 Falafels in my PitaBaby's Blessings, and Just Look at You. Samara reads PJ Library holiday-themed books to Avi before each Jewish holiday so they can prepare for and learn about Jewish traditions.

Samara looks forward to imparting Jewish values to Avi. She chose to have her daughter on her own because she has always felt embraced by her community and shares, “our community has supported me throughout this journey. I hope Avi will recognize her role in our culture and religion. Judaism is based, at its core, on kindness and empathy.”

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March 31, 2020


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