Meet the Weisberg Family of Foster City

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Rick and Lei Wang Weisberg live in Foster City with their son Riley, three, and their daughter Alora, 18 months. Rick was raised in New Jersey, and Lei grew up without organized religion in China. The Weisberg’s enjoy maintaining a Jewish and Chinese American household and have felt extremely welcomed by their local Jewish community. Lei learns about Judaism along with their children and Rick continues to discover new roads in their family’s Jewish journey by living in an inclusively diverse community.

Rick, Riley (3), Alora (18 months), and Lei Wang Weisberg

At home, the Weisberg's speak several languages. Lei grew up without her hearing, so in addition to English and Chinese, the family also speaks American and Chinese Sign Language. Both children learned to sign before learning to speak. Rick appreciates how every conversation is deliberate and face to face enabling deep discussions about Jewish life and how Rick and Lei’s personal upbringing shapes their shared family experiences.

The Weisberg's regularly participate in Jewish Baby Network (JBN) events, including their parent and grandparent events, with singing, stories, and playtime. They started attending JBN events three years ago when Riley was a few weeks old and they now enjoy attending with Alora. Rick and Lei also love participating in Jewish community events through the Peninsula Jewish Community Center (PJCC), and the Oshman Family JCC. Shabbat Unplugged, a quarterly family event held by the PJCC, is one of their favorite ways to connect as a family on Saturday afternoons, and they are thrilled that through their participation in these Jewish experiences their children are making new friends.

Rick shares that PJ Library has been an amazing resource for his family. Riley, now three, started receiving PJ Library books as a baby and now Alora has her own PJ Library subscription. Riley chooses his own books for Mommy or Daddy to read to him at bedtime, and he is learning about Jewish traditions, culture, and holidays through PJ Library. Riley likes to experience PJ Library stories as though he is a character in a book. When families are portrayed, Riley relates the storyline to their family to personalize learning for himself. It is truly special when Riley connects deeply to PJ Library books and chooses favorites to read again and again.

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April 24, 2020