Natasha Mozgovaya in the Bay Area

Israel is heaven for war reporters, in the morning you can go to the border and interview peace activist, your article online and hang out in local pub in the evening. Not all 30 world conflict zones so convenient. - Natasha Mozgovaya

Natasha Mozgovaya - a Russian Israeli journalist who is currently the Chief US Correspondent for Ha'aretz Daily, visited San Francisco to meet with the Russian speaking Jewish community. Natasha's expertise is broad: from politics and war conflicts around the world, to insider's views into media, to immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, to social networking… Natasha participated in 5 lectures around the Bay Area (South Bay, East Bay, and San Francisco), with topics ranging from 20 Years of Aliyah from the Former Soviet Union - Challenges and Stories of Success to Israel in the Media - An Inside View.

Fluent in Russian, Hebrew, and English, she was able to accommodate the most diverse audience. With poise, intelligence and class, she answered, even the most challenging questions about Israel. Her presentation about Russian Aliya in Israel, contained the full spectrum of opinions, based on her research, as well as personal experiences and observations.

For many years, she was the only one journalist representing the Russian Aliya in Israel, so she was able not only present, but also relate to the subject. As a Chief US Correspondent, based in Washington D.C., she painted a more realistic picture of the political response of US towards Israel, as well as brought more light into the political situation in Israel. She interviewed both sides in the Middle Eastern conflict and was able to state the facts, verses opinions, which helped us see the problem more clearly.

It is hard to imagine that this petite, charming blond, had such vast variety of experiences and was able to go through often extreme circumstance to deliver the truth to this world. It is inspiration to come across people who are so passionate and driven by the good cause. It makes the world a better place and inspires us to help the fellow human being, as our Jewish laws often teach us.

“When I came to class in September I brought flowers to my teacher, my classmates didn't stop teasing me for that."

-- Natasha Mozgovaya on cultural differences in Russian absorption

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- by Alina Kaufman, Mishmash Program Coordinator


May 26, 2011


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