New calendar feature: Connect all your related events

Promoting your events to the whole community just got even easier on our community calendar. Now, as someone reads about one of your events, they can see a list of your other events that you think will be of interest to them. Here's how it works Adding related events is achieved through the same event form as before. You choose which events to link, select the date to display on the calendar, and have complete control of the text. Add just one, or up to ten! This is what the form looks like:   

Related Events on Community Calendar

This is a great feature because it allows you to grab and keep the online attention of readers and cross promote your related events. Sponsoring  several gatherings around a similar theme? Presenting a speaker with appearances on multiple dates or locations? Link all the separate event posts together and make your audience aware of all their options! See the end result See it in action as the Federation promotes two separate events in celebration of our centennial year - we linked both events together so they're easy to find and attract the widest audience possible. Try it yourself today and leave a comment here to let us know if you like it or have questions!

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November 08, 2010


The Federation