Not just donations. Innovations.

As we face one of the most daunting trials in our country’s history, Israelis have demonstrated astounding resilience. But this moment demands action – six months after the attacks, Israeli society teeters on the edge of fragmentation. It is imperative that we unite now in the critical tasks of rebuilding and reconnecting.

Since the beginning of the war, aid has poured in from every corner of the world. Donations to the Federation’s Israel Emergency Fund have financed many initiatives, including those that approach needs creatively and compassionately. With the Federation’s help, we are beginning to stitch together the shredded fabric of our society.

One such grantee is Shararit Institute’s Daybreak initiative, named for its former chairman, Moshe Ohayon z”l. A true hero, he tragically lost his life alongside his son, Eliad z”l, on October 7. Through this initiative, Shaharit looks for unique solutions to urgent problems. By offering microgrants to small groups with big ideas, there’s an immediate impact on the ground, as well as a positive uplift to Israeli society and national resilience.

Daybreak grantees are chosen through a mix of criteria. Their projects:

  • Are initiated by entrepreneurial individuals or newly launched ventures, not large NGOs or businesses seeking profit
  • Address urgent and acute needs for which there is presently no solution, rather than larger, long-term systemic issues
  • Involve a group of people, working together
  • Take place in underserved communities, including Arab, Bedouin, and Haredi

The Daybreak initiative has been a true testament to solving problems creatively. Projects range from making and distributing perfumed ointments to neutralize unbearable odors for workers in the war zone, house cleaning for evacuees returning home for the first time since October 7, new clothes for people who have lost everything, nutritious meals, safe temporary housing, and more.

With over $650,000 already allocated to 160 projects, the Daybreak initiative has made profound progress. By supporting this grant, we are empowering Israelis who truly know what the most pressing needs are, and how to remedy them. This is a vital step forward in the rebuilding of Jewish life, both literally and figuratively. From the Israel Emergency Fund to our Annual Campaign, I am deeply proud that the Federation continues to choose innovative and effective ways to make the most of every dollar donated.


April 05, 2024


Ester Biro