Olim b'Yachad: Rising up Together

Ethiopian-Israelis face enormous challenges as they grapple with the huge transition from living in a traditional, agrarian society to adapting to a modern, westernized society.  Recognizing the problem, Yifat Ovadya, a visionary young Tel Aviv attorney, took action and founded Olim b’Yachad, which means 'Rising up Together'. 

Established in 2007 this program aims to increase integration of Ethiopian Israeli university graduates  into Israel’s business, academic, and public sectors by giving them an equal opportunity to gain respectable jobs that suit their academic education.

The intensive year-long program includes mentoring by Israel's top business and professional leadership and provides opportunities for employment in Israel's top firms and companies.  Graduates of the Federation-supported program are currently employed at 150 prestigious organizations in Israel’s economy and serve as role models for leadership in the next generation's Ethiopian-Israeli community.

On her first visit to SF and the Federation this month, founder Ovadya  said she was “very grateful to realize the depth of warmth Israel has in the hearts of so many of the federation members, staff and volunteers.” 

Programs like Olim b’Yachad represent the essence of the JCF's mission of tikkun olam, “repairing the world,” and we are proud to support many other programs striving to develop a just, democratic and pluralistic Jewish state.  Read more about our programs in Israel on our website.

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July 13, 2011


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