Open the door to the next generation this Passover

As we set the tables with food that symbolizes our struggle and journey to freedom, the Passover Seder is clearly set up to be a time to include and educate children ― teaching them about Jewish traditions and their history. Here are some ideas from the Early Childhood Education Initiative staff on how to celebrate the holiday with your family. This Passover:

  • Involve your children in the preparation. Give them feathers, wooden spoons and a dust pan to search the house and get rid of any bread crumbs - called hametz.
  • Be sure your kids take a nap before guests arrive. For non-nappers, build in some down time before guests arrive.
  • Use children's decorations on the table: centerpieces, Seder plates, Elijah & Miriam's cup, and matzah covers.
  • Have a snack on the table: hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks, cut apples, nuts or dried fruit.
  • Have a coloring book, child's haggadah (the book used to tell the Passover story) or activity book at each child's place at the table. Butcher paper tablecloths or placemats with crayons also work well.
  • Have a block area near or under the table so children can build pyramids when they get tired of sitting.
  • Make it short and sweet or complete with lots of engaging activities, i.e. puppets acting out stories, visuals for plagues (sunglasses for darkness, bubble wrap for boils, Styrofoam balls for hail, water bottle with red food coloring, etc.), songs and musical instruments.

Some other resources for this Seder can be found at:


March 13, 2009


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