Our ears are burning

As I perused through j. this morning, I was  surprised to find not just one or two articles about our Jewish Community Federation, but FIVE! As a person who believes in the role and work of our local Federations, I appreciate the column Dan Pine and the letter Nancy Grand and Tom Kasten wrote in support of Federations during these difficult economic times. Federations strive to ensure that all of our community's needs are met, but this has become an increased challenge of late as more and more families have turned to us and our agencies for help.

The Jewish weekly also dedicated a page to the generosity of the Jim Joseph Foundation, who last week generously donated $3.5 million to help parents struggling financially to keep their children in Jewish schools and camps. Our Federation will be administering the Bay Area's portion of the grant in conjunction with the Bureau of Jewish Education and the East Bay and Silicon Valley Federations.

Lastly, the j. sparked an interesting discussion about a month or so back on the idea of merging the Federations on both sides of the Bay Bridge. Today they followed up with an article and opinion piece on the subject.

As always, if you want to read other articles about us in the press, check out our press archives. We have articles dating back to August 2006:

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March 27, 2009


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