Our work in Israel

For more than two decades, JCF has partnered with Israelis to build a more pluralistic, just and vibrant democracy. For the past 25 years, the Jewish Community Federation has helped Israel and its people face enormous challenges. By pioneering a partnership with Israelis, we help ensure that its citizens have access to equal opportunities, build a greater acceptance for different approaches to Judaism and adapt productively into Israeli society.

We help transform the lives of tens of thousands of Israelis by creating economic empowerment, promoting religious pluralism, teaching tolerance and connecting a new generation of youth to their homeland. JCF provides leadership, shares its expertise and dedicates financial resources enabling Jews from the Bay Area and Israel to become more knowledgeable about, supportive of, and deeply engaged with one another. By investing community dollars directly in Israel while working closely with an Israeli advisory committee—the Amuta—we strengthen Israel by granting millions annually to projects that fund programs that reflect our shared values. In 2009-2010 more than $9.5 million has been allocated in support of Israel, demonstrating Federation’s enduring commitment to its security and survival. Funds go directly to programs that: connect Israel and the Bay Area (through Israel Center and events like Israel in the Gardens), provide equality of opportunity, provide job training, give academic access, develop leadership, close educational gaps, respond quickly and effectively to emergency needs and promoting Jewish pluralism for disadvantaged or marginalized populations.

Our work throughout Israel will help to build a more inclusive, stronger and vibrant state. We are proud that our Bay Area Federation’s initiatives provide a chance for every child in Israel to have a brighter future, offer families integration into the social and economic mainstream and sow the seeds from which a safer and more secure Israel will bloom.

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October 20, 2009


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