A personal request

Dear Friends,

Most of you are acquainted with me through some of YAD’s events such as Latke Ball, Club Fed and Blue Monday. And although socializing plays a part in YAD’s role in our community, there’s an even larger and more meaningful purpose in our involvement.  YAD is part of the Jewish Community Federation (JCF) —a fundraising organization helping people in need with basic social services -- from providing refuge for a victim of domestic abuse to offering seniors transportation to their doctor.

This year’s Annual Campaign is quickly coming to a close on June 30th and the JCF goal has not been reached. Raising money has never been easy, and the added pressure from a changing economic climate has led many Federations to curtail or eliminate programs and staff at a time when the needs for emergency financial aid and loans, job services and scholarships have more than doubled. This year, YAD has raised $165,000, which is approximately half of last year’s YAD total of $300,000.  That leaves an additional 55% gap in funding needed to continue running vital programs.

It’s not just about money.  Those dollars translate into a resume workshop for an unemployed father, a hot kosher lunch for a senior on a fixed income, providing comfort to a mother mourning the death of her own parent, keeping a child enrolled in their Jewish school – all supported by your gift. For those of you who have attended our events in the past but have yet to make a contribution to the Annual Campaign, I urge you to do it now.   We have a short window of time to make a huge impact.

This year your gift counts more, literally.  Each increased donation of an existing gift or any new gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar. That’s why I am personally asking for your help. I need you to join me in these last 6 weeks of the 2008-2009 Annual Campaign and make your contribution if you have not done so yet. Your taking action today demonstrates the Jewish value of taking responsibility, both for our own community and the broader community in need.  If you can, please make your gift NOW.


I am counting on you.


Jordan Sills, President Young Adults Division

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May 20, 2009


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