The PJ Library goes to School!

The Bay Area is fortunate to be one of seven pilot sites around the United States to pioneer the PJ Goes to School program. The PJ Library®, which currently sends over 5,000 books to young children in our Federation area, is now partnering with four Jewish preschools to bring the books to classrooms. Teachers use the PJ Library books to enrich and extend their curriculum and strengthen bonds between home and school. Betsy Surtshin, a teacher at the Osher Marin JCC Early Childhood program commented, “Children are excited to read the same books at home and at school, and we use the stories as a jumping off point.”

PJ Goes to School sends classroom copies of the PJ Library books, along with resources for teachers and families. The teachers also attend workshops about how to effectively use the books several times during the school year. The Early Childhood Initiative director, Janet Harris, is excited about this new PJ Library program, and looks forward to bringing PJ Goes to School to all of our sites. PJ Goes to School was based on the Grinspoon’s program in Israel, Sifriyat Pijama. Last year, 4,000 kindergarteners were receiving PJ Library books at school, and this year the number has risen to 44,000. Another PJ success story!

We are grateful to the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and our Federation for supporting PJ Library.

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November 12, 2010


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