PJ Library Recipe of the Month: Challah Stuffing with Cranberry and Sage

Thanksgiving focuses on spending time with loved ones and provides a special opportunity to teach children about the values of thankfulness and gratitude.

This time is intrinsically linked to Judaism through the Jewish concept of hakarat hatov, “recognizing the good” around us. This way of being comes naturally to young children. It is harder to maintain that sense of wonder throughout our lives.

Here are some ways your family can connect around the theme of thankfulness this November:

Practice an attitude of gratitude. When adults model gratitude hakarat hatov, it helps children (and us grownups) remember to be thankful for things in our life beyond material possessions. Understanding that everything really is amazing helps all of us stay grounded and thankful. Here are some tips from our friends at The Greater Good Science Center.

Give to others through acts of social justice, tikkun olam, which translates to repairing the world. These activities can be structured or simple and accessible to even very young children. Families with older children can volunteer in a food bank. Children of any age can pick up trash around their neighborhood or the park, or help their parents take canned groceries for donation.

Explore PJ Library books for children of all ages that delve into these themes, such as Tikkun Olam Ted and 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World.

Get crafty with kids. Make ‘Give Thanks’ hands, create a Gratitude Wall where children can draw or write the words for things, people or places they are thankful for using paper, sticky notes or a whiteboard.

Eat together. The best and most festive part of Thanksgiving is sharing a communal meal with family and friends. A fun way to incorporate our Jewish tradition into your Thanksgiving meal is to make this flavorful Whole Wheat Challah Stuffing with Dried Cranberries and Sage. This colorful recipe can use any Challah – not only whole wheat – and is a favorite from Jamie Geller, an inspiring Jewish cookbook author.

Image via JamieGeller.com

However you celebrate, may you and your loved ones enjoy a festive Thanksgiving together!


October 28, 2019