The Power of Community Begins with the Power of One

From Israel to the Bay Area, women from different corners of the world are forming networks, collaborating, sharing knowledge, mobilizing people, taking action, and effecting real, significant change. At our recent Power of One event, we showcased a video that profiled local and overseas female leaders. Their work has not only impacted individuals, families and communities, it’s had a positive effect on creating broad and systematic social change. Hear their first-hand accounts of how pursuing their passion has led them to not only to a rewarding career, but a better life.

Women leading change in the Bay Area

Deborah Newbrun has worked in the Jewish community for almost her entire career -- 26 years of which had been running Camp Tawonga. Today, as Bay Area Director of Hazon, she has great aspirations to make Hazon the largest Jewish environmental organization in the country.

Abby Porth was raised with the motto “if you want to get things done, make sure you’ve got a woman behind the task.” For the past 13 years, Abby has been the Associate Director at the Jewish Community Relations Council and has yet to experience a boring day at the office.

Even when she was a teenager, Judy Wolff-Bolton felt JCCs were actually a perfect match for her. Connecting her Jewish soul with her professional skills, for the past 10 years, she has led the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center as its Executive Director.

A native of Chicago, Abby Snay began her career in the Bay Area as a part time counselor with Jewish Vocational Services 36 years ago and, as its Executive Director today, is credited for JVS’s successful growth and exponential impact.

Women leading change in Israel

Chen Abrahams is a resident of Kibbutz Sderot and lives minutes away from the Gaza border. She is the Resource Development Director of the Gvanim Association which is dedicated to providing services for disadvantaged populations in the Negev and all of Israel. When asked about her mission regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Abrahams replies, “To show you my life. To tell you of my son. To share we are both wrong and that together we can make it work… that’s why I do what I do.”

Dyonna Ginsburg was born into a Zionist family in Long Island. Raised by a Conservative Rabbi and a social worker, she made Aliyah to Israel seven years ago after completing her B.A. in Political Science at Columbia University. Ginsburg is the Executive Director of Federation funded Bema’aglei Tzedek, a non-profit that utilizes Jewish texts and traditions to empower and educate future generations of Israel – cultivating positive leadership and social justice among Israeli youth.

Yuvi Tashome was part of Operation Moses when she was just five years old, making the long journey to Israel from Ethiopia. She has since dedicated her life to education and social action in Israel, from her Education Corps service in the IDF, to her founding Friends by Nature (an Israeli NGO for Community Empowerment). Tashome is currently directing the Gari’n, which focuses on bridging the gap between immigrant communities and Israeli society.


February 24, 2012


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