Pre-Passover Personal Dessert Pizzas

These personal dessert pizzas from Nosh and Nibble are delicious for children to make and eat for a pre-Passover yeast feast. Nosh and Nibble is a cooking and crafting show produced by kids for kids, a collaboration between PJ Library and You can make these yummy treats now, or save the recipe to use after Passover.

Image via Nosh and Nibble

Passover Traditions

  1. Not Eating Bread: During Passover, Jewish people traditionally do not eat leavened foods (Chametz), which are those made from wheat, grains such as barley, rye, oats, or spelt, as well as pasta, cookies, or other foods made from flour.

  2. Cleaning: Many families prepare for Passover with a ritual cleaning to remove Chametz from their homes. The PJ Library story Izzy the Whiz focuses on the big question of why we perform this ritual. If you don't have this book at home, you can watch a read-along of this story online. If your children plan to help you clean, this sweet cartoon from Shaboom! starts with an explanation about Chametz and how we search for it.
  3. Eating Matzah: We eat matzah during Passover instead of leavened foods. This cracker-like bread substitute represents the bread that did not have time to rise when the Jews fled Egypt. When buying matzah this year you may find special PJ Library branded boxes of Yehuda Matzos in your local store or online.

We will continue to share lots of Passover resources, including recipes, on our PJ Library Bay Area Facebook and Instagram accounts. Check in regularly and you will be ready for Passover!


March 25, 2020