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Many Jewish holidays take place on the brightest days of the month when the moon is at its fullest. On the 15th day of Jewish months, a full moon symbolizes potentiality. The holiday of Tu B’Av is celebrated on the 15th Day of Av, which this year is from sundown of August 4 until the evening of August 5.

Tu B’Av comes one week after Tisha B’Av, the saddest day of the Jewish calendar, commemorating the destruction of the Temples. Jewish spiritual heritage teaches us there is always light in the darkness. This year, when many of us are separated from loved ones and have likely experienced disruption to our routines and summer plans, we seek joy in lightness.

Tu B’Av is both ancient and modern. It was originally observed as a day of dancing and matchmaking in the period of the Second Temple. This holiday has been rejuvenated in recent decades as the Jewish Day of Love.

The Hebrew word for love is Ahava. The root of Ahava –"בה-" means to give. PJ Library reminds us that "love involves giving one’s time, attention, admiration, and respect to others." As parents, we can teach our children how to give to others by demonstrating our love for them through acts of giving.

Sharing stories is a sure way to start conversations with children about affection and friendship, and there are numerous PJ Library books that focus on love and kindness between friends and family, neighbors, and community.

Another way for families to celebrate Tu B’Av is by cooking a rich, decadent, and fun dessert together. In the summer heat, there is no need to crank on the oven. Instead, make this simple no-bake chocolate cookie pop recipe. Adding sprinkles brings another layer of fun to this day of love.

Cookie pops via Just A Taste blog
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July 21, 2020