Super Jews!

Are you ready to be a hero? Over the eight days of Chanukah, join us in committing online acts of virtue as a member of one of the SuperJews Color War teams. By taking part in the debut year of this international micro-activism event, you can win a coveted SuperJews Gold Medal for your Facebook profile while strengthening the Jewish world one click at a time. This campaign is being run by United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Federation system with an all-star team of partners. Rules: Choose your Chanukah Color War team today – Red, Blue or Green. Unlike the Color Wars you joined at summer camp, there’s no tug-of-war and no capture-the-flag. Instead, you and the other members of your team will get an alert on each day of Chanukah with your mission for that day. Missions will be online acts of good for the Jewish world; none will take more than a few minutes to complete, and we hope you’ll find them to be interesting and fun. The more people on your team who complete each day’s mission, the higher your team’s score will be. At the end of the eight-day Color War, Gold, Silver or Bronze medals will be awarded to all participants for their Facebook profiles. Choose your team below:

Ruach (Spirit)
Gevura (Bravery)
Koach (Strength)
The brains of the bunch, they analyze and listen to their inner voice before they act.
Natural leaders who think fast under pressure and never look back.
These two are more than happy to power through to a solution to any situation.
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December 12, 2008


The Federation