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“If you give them responsibility, they take it and run with it.” - Sue Schwartzman

We’re offering teens in 9th-11th grades an opportunity to become strategic grantmakers.

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Remember the movie Big, in which a 12-year-old boy inhabits the adult body of Tom Hanks and, among other adventures in dramatic irony, wows the heads of a toy company with his insights? Well, for even longer than Big has been out on VHS, a Bay Area–based movement has known that teens are good at consulting on more than PlayStation 3. They’re also instinctively savvy about deciding which after-school program or malaria-prevention project is worthy of a $5,000 to $10,000 grant. “We live in a one-touch society where as soon as kids turn on their computers, they’re seeing faces of children in need all around the world,” says Sue Schwartzman, Director of Youth Philanthropy of the Bay Area–based Jewish Community Teen Foundations, where grants are decided by teen-led boards.

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What do teens get out of it? They get to connect with Jewish teens, enhance their leadership skills, develop their Jewish identity, debate about tough choices and engage in social justice issues and contribute to a fund being matched by the program's funders. All this while learning how to become effective strategic grantmakers. The Jewish Community Teen Foundations offers teens in 9th-11th grades an opportunity to engage in Philanthropy in a social setting. This program gives them a foundation that empowers them to move from empathy into action. Last year, 94 teens raised and granted over $177,000 and now they’re hooked! Applications are now available to serve on the 2010-2011 board and are due October 4th. Please contact us to nominate any Jewish teens that you feel should be involved. More information can be found at www.JewishFed.org/Teens.

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September 29, 2010


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