There’s always room at the table for those in need

As Passover approaches, the Jewish people are blessed again to recount the signs and wonders that accompanied our people on their journey out of bondage to freedom. Our strength of overcoming obstacles has always been rooted in our ability to take collective action. The Jewish Community Endowment Fund (JCEF) builds on that strength by ensuring that we continue gathering together to tell our story to their children. By creating a generous charitable gift annuity you enact a traditional responsibility to care for yourself, as well as our Jewish community. This Passover, we hope you will consider connecting the next generation and their families to a vibrant, meaningful Jewish community. Whether that means donating to our 2010 Annual Campaign today or establishing a JCEF charitable gift annuity at current favorable rates to help protect yourself against financial uncertainties, either way, you’ll be playing a part in securing a robust and vital Jewish community for centuries to come.

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March 17, 2010


The Federation