Together, we are rebuilding Yemin Orde

The December 2nd Carmel Forest Fire brought with it enormous tragedy, loss of life and the devastating destruction of some of Israel’s most beautiful natural areas. Forty-four people lost their lives, 10,000 acres of pine forest burned down, and hundreds of homes and buildings, including much of the Yemin Orde Youth Village, were destroyed.

Nestled in the beauty of the Carmel Mountains in northern Israel, the Yemin Orde Youth Village is home, school, and haven to more than 500 children from 20 countries, ranging in age from 5 to 19 years old. The village community, along with Yemin Orde Educational Initiatives, is anchored in a unique philosophy that cherishes diverse cultures, cultivates self-esteem, and develops leadership among its children. Trauma and displacement bring children to Yemin Orde, where they learn to live in wholeness – healthy, capable, and strong – thanks to a balance of principles: Tikkun Halev, healing the heart, and Tikkun Olam, healing the world.


On the day of the fire the JCF opened an emergency relief fund, and to date our community has raised $63,866.26.

The Jewish Federations of North America has played a leadership role both in needs assessment and in maintaining ongoing contact with people and organizations in the region, with the Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Agency for Israel, and with relevant municipal and national Government agencies. On March 17, based on the recommendation of the Israel and Overseas subcommittee, the JCF Board approved to grant the full amount of the fire relief fund to support Trauma Counseling at Yemin Orde. This will provide for additional social workers and community workers, art and music therapists, psychologists, family dynamic/parenting workshops for staff families who lost homes, and additional staff for the kindergarten. Overall, Jewish Federations across the country have raised approximately $2.7 million to help Israel respond and recover from the fires. You can still donate to the Fire Relief Fund for Israel, and see more ways you can support our community, here in the Bay Area and around the world, by visiting our website.

Federation Relief Fund to Support Yemin Orde Youth Village

Making way for new homes and offices in Yemin Order Youth Village

Federation Fire Relief Fund

The rebuilding process at Yemin Orde will take at least two years

Federation Fire Relief Fund to Support Yemin Orde

The children of Yemin Orde on their way to rebuild their youth village

See more pictures and video of Yemin Orde on their website:

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March 30, 2011


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