Top Ten Reasons You NEED To Attend Latke Ball This Christmas Eve

Need some convincing on why you should join YAD on December 24 to get down with more than 1,000 young Jewish adults for the sweetest mega music mixes, dancing, and the hippest crowd? Check out our top ten reasons.

10. Because all of your favorite go-to bars will be closed “for the holiday.”


9. You think you look bad in red. And green. And a combination of the two.

Perez Hilton / Via

8. What Chinese restaurant do YOU know of that can accommodate 1000+ Jews?!


7. Show all the Bay Area Jews that you’ve dated what they’re missing.


6. Need a new profile pic? You’ll have plenty to choose from by morning, whether you remember taking them or not.


5. You might just bump into that hottie you spotted on JDate.

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4. When else can you rage on a Tuesday night and not have to go to work the next day?


3. Have eclectic taste in music? We’ve got TWO rooms with TWO DIFFERENT DJ’s to choose from!


2. You never know – you could meet your beshert!

Lady and the Tramp / Via

Chad met his now fiancé at Latke Ball 2010, and proposed to her at the event last year.

1. You get to party with YAD while supporting the Bay Area Jewish community.

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Mark your calendar for the best dance party of the year!

Tickets for Latke Ball 2013 will go on sale November 18, and this year we have a special VIP ticket deal that will include a drink ticket, coat check, an Uber discount code and more! For more information, event updates, and tickets, visit, and be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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November 07, 2013


Nora Smith