Tune in to the Teen Foundation

The Jewish Community Teen Foundation was featured on KQED’s Marketplace Money as part of a larger piece about youth philanthropy and the increasing number of youth getting involved.  The piece aired this week on KQED 88.5 FM. Two San Francisco/Marin Jewish Community Teen Foundation board members were interviewed for this piece and can be heard as part of this feature. This is very exciting for our community and our teens who have invested so much in making the teen foundation program a model of excellence.

More youth become engaged in philanthropy

More youth become engaged in philanthropy
These days, young people are getting more involved in higher-end decisions that have traditionally been reserved for adults. They're sitting on foundation boards and allocating grant money to nonprofits. April Dembosky reports. LISTEN NOW DOWNLOAD PODCAST (Start 25 minutes in)
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January 08, 2011


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