'Twas the BGS Hot-ness!

'Twas the night of BGS Shabbat dinner, and at a nice Pac Heights pad, Generous donors were stirring, especially lots of peeps from YAD. The candles were lit in solidarity with Jewish masses, And we blessed the wine quick so we could all drain our glasses. Forty people cozied up around five festive tables, Wearing pea coats and dresses and sweaters with cables. And I in my hot Old Navy number, and Mark in his cravat, All settled down for a feast that was phat. When out in the crowd there arose such a clatter, Because Abby Porth from JCRC was speaking on grave matters. Away to the horrors my mind sped in a tizzy -- Of anti-Semitic text books, anti-Israel ads and the media for shizzy. What could we do? Whom could we call? Abby assured us that Fed funds were protecting us all. Now teachers, now mayors, now city council folks might -- Thanks to JCRC -- just get their facts right! I heard people exclaim as Abby left out of sight, "How great that we're contributing our funds to this fight!" The conversations at tables grew sparkling and warm, And to grab some chipped cookies, I hit someone's arm. When we cleared all the plates and took away the dishes, I knew in a moment that the night had exceeded my wishes. The Ben Gurion Society -- you really gotta love 'em -- These mensches mean business when it comes to tikkun olam. I hope you were there; if not, never fear! To receive your 2009 campaign pledge, we are always here. We're dying to meet you -- we might sing Nagila Hava -- Because at our Jan. 11 event, you'll be learning Krav Maga. Cocktail parties, peninsula soirées, and a trip up to wineries, Await should you include Federation in your donation fineries. Great new friends, fun events and a chance to make proud your Bubbie -- And hey, through BGS, you might even find a wife or a hubbie!

Stephanie Block, Co-Chair Ben Gurion Society, Young Adults Division Board

Categories: Young Adults


December 20, 2008


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